The brainwashing of my son!


I wrote this a little while ago, in response to some idiocy, I saw on a family members FB wall…you can kind of tell, who the family member was… :-* I’m really tired of seeing the crap that comes out of some of these people’s mouths…I figure, it’ will probably get deleted & I may even get blocked, but I wanted it on the record! 🙂 Why don’t people bother to think for themselves!

“I really have a hard time believing I raised you or that you are my son, or stood in those food lines with me, while I worked 2 jobs, got no child support, & never asked for assistance…these kind, benevolent, business owners, give to “charity” to get even more tax breaks than they are already getting, for the pats on the back, & publicity & many, once they are older & finally grow a conscience, realize what absolute bastards they really were! Why can’t they just let the “charity” start at home & pay their employees a living wage, so they don’t have to work 2-3 jobs & still ask for “handouts from the government”…what you don’t even realize, is that it is these “slum employers” who are getting the handout, because “we the people” are subsidizing their businesses by paying their employees the rest of what these greedy bastards should have been paying them in the first place!”


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